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The members of the SNP Kirkcaldy Area Branch make us who we are. Our branch is a community made up of local people who live in the area, keen to get involved in working to make a better future for everyone in their communities. Our activists understand local concerns, promote the SNP locally and enjoy socialising together.

We’re always looking to welcome new members to our branch, to join our SNP family and to help us on our journey to an Independent Scotland.

Anyone can be a member of the SNP and no matter where you are in Scotland, there's a branch for you.

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The SNP Kirkcaldy Area Branch covers the areas of Fife Council wards 10 (Kirkcaldy North), 11 (Kirkcaldy Central), 12 (Kirkcaldy East) and 22 (Buckhaven, Methil & Wemyss Villages).


David Torrance MSP - Kirkcaldy Constituency

David Torrance MSP

David Torrance stood as the SNP MSP candidate for the Kirkcaldy Constituency in the 2011 Scottish Parliamentary elections, where he succeeded in defeating the incumbent Labour MSP Marilyn Livingstone to win the seat for the SNP for the first time. He was re-elected in 2016 with a significantly increased majority.

Formerly an engineer, David worked for British Gas, Alcan Chemicals and Rexroth Bosch before moving into full-time politics in 2007 to work for Christopher Harvie MSP. David first joined the SNP in 1981, and served as a local Councillor at Fife Council from 1995 representing the Kirkcaldy Central ward before becoming an MSP.

David’s other main interest is the Scout movement. He has been a Leader with the Scout Association since 1979, and served as the Assistant District Commissioner for Kirkcaldy District Scouts until November 2012. David is also a longstanding member on the board of the Linton Lane Centre and Kirkcaldy YMCA.

Fife Council

Councillor Carol Lindsay - Ward 10 - Kirkcaldy North

Councillor Carol Lindsay

Carol Lindsay is councillor for the Kirkcaldy North Ward in the 2017 Fife Council elections. She has served the area as a Councillor since 2007.

A former businesswoman and therapeutic counsellor, Carol has a long history of community activism and is determined to ensure constituents get the vital local services they need.

Carol is the Vice Chair of the Kirkcaldy Area Committee in Fife Council.

Zoe Hisbent - Ward 11 - Kirkcaldy Central

Councillor Zoe Hisbent

Zoe Hisbent is councillor for the Kirkcaldy Central Ward in the 2017 Fife Council elections.

A former businesswoman with years of experience in the Scottish Parliament, Zoe is committed to bringing a fresh, new approach to the council.

Councillor Rod Cavanagh - Ward 12 - Kirkcaldy East

Councillor Rod Cavanagh

Rod Cavanagh is councillor for the Kirkcaldy East Ward in the 2017 Fife Council elections.

A harbour resident with a background in local policing, Rod is concerned about local issues and seeks to stand up for serious investment and services in his community.

Councillor Ken Caldwell - Ward 22 - Buckhaven, Methil & Wemyss Villages

Councillor Ken Caldwell

Ken Caldwell is councillor for the Buckhaven, Methil & Wemyss Villages Ward in the 2017 Fife Council elections.

Ken was raised in Buckhaven and has lived in Methilhill for over 30 years, with a long career in the Fire Service.

Ken is the Chair of the Levenmouth Area Committee.

Councillor John O’Brien - Ward 22 - Buckhaven, Methil & Wemyss Villages

Councillor John O’Brien

John O’Brien is councillor for the Buckhaven, Methil & Wemyss Villages Ward in the 2017 Council elections.

John is a professional carer who supports local people with disabilities, and has served as a Councillor from 2012. John is determined to regenerate and improve his community and protect frontline services for everyone.

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